Emotion Relationship
751 Design Festival


The sculpture series “Relationship” explores emotional relationships. 751 International Design Festival 2023 invited creative works under the theme “Narratives of Love.” We hope to express our understanding of this proposition through subtle observation and empathy toward the existing objects in the city. The shape, relationship, and force between two objects become the incisions we express. The 01 work is based on the anti-wave lifting component, where two individuals who cannot stand independently rely on each other to form a temporary stable state. The 02 work showcases the tension of mutual involvement, restraint, and support in emotional relationships by pulling chains. These two works are based on the relationship between invisible objects in daily life, expressing the complexity of interdependence and constraints in emotional relationships and thus completing the answer to the theme of “Narratives of Love.” Project Information Project Type: Artwork Project Location: Beijing Fashion Design Plaza, 751D · Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing Dimensions: 8m x 5.1m x 4m (h), 4.75m x 3.64m x 5.5m (h) Client: Organizing Committee of Beijing International Design Week 751 International Design Festival Design Time: September-October 2023 Artist: Zigeng Wang Design Team: Canqi Mu Structural Consultant: Yang Lu Construction Unit: Maidong Internet (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd Lighting Consultants: Hongjian Liu, Mengfan Zhang Thanks To: Yitong Li
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