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Graphic Designer

  • Bachelor's degree or above in graphic design, visual communication,or related majors;
  • More than one year of experience in graphic design, with expertise in VI systems and exhibition projects related to architecture;
  • Possess strong visual communication skills, proficient in graphic design software Adobe Creative Suite and relevant office software. Priority is given to applicants who master dynamic image design software;
  • Responsible for visual design work in exhibition projects, studio branding design, and derivative product design and production;
  • Priority is given to those with experience in derivative product development;
  • Possess strong team collaboration and internal-external communication skills, with excellent time management and content comprehension skills.


  • Master's degree or above in Architectural History and Theory, Art History, Museology, Human Geography, or related fields;
  • Participation in various academic, governmental, and other research projects, responsible for producing deliverable reports;
  • Involvement in various exhibition projects (such as planning museums, museums, brand pavilions, special exhibitions, etc.), responsible for content research, including preliminary research, mid-term copywriting, and ongoing adjustments throughout the exhibition process;
  • Familiarity with topics such as environmental control and technical philosophy within the context of spatial culture, capital and spatial politics, cross-media production, and cultural communication, with relevant knowledge reserves;
  • Sensitivity to written content, strong structural thinking ability, and the capacity for comprehensive strategic thinking, familiar with various writing styles;
  • Proficient in both Chinese and English reading and writing;
  • Strong process control and time management skills;
  • Relevant work experience in the field is preferred.

Exhibition Designer

  • Bachelor's degree or above in Exhibition Design, Architectural Design, Environmental Art, or equivalent education from abroad;
  • Excellent collaboration, communication, creativity, project detailing, and rendering skills;
  • Proficiency in commonly used design software such as CAD, RHINO, Lumion, Enscape, AI, ID, and PS;
  • Relevant work experience in exhibition design, with the ability to participate in various exhibition projects (such as planning museums, museums, brand pavilions, special exhibitions, etc.), conduct preliminary research, write mid-term copy, and make ongoing adjustments throughout the exhibition process is preferred;
  • Work experience in museums or art institutions is preferred.

Interior Designer

  • Bachelor's degree or above in Interior Design, Environmental Art, or equivalent education from abroad;
  • Possess excellent cooperation skills, communication skills, creative ability, design refinement and rendering ability;
  • Understand various craft techniques, detailing, and finishing. Familiarity with relevant indoor professional standards is preferred, and priority will be given to those who have work experience in collaborating with architecture, structure, plumbing, and electrical specialties;
  • Work experience in museums or art institutions is preferred.


  • Bachelor's degree or above in architecture and related fields;
  • More than two years of experience in architectural design at a well-known architectural firm or design institute, with complete expertise in project design, collaboration, and coordination throughout the entire process;
  • Have a strong ability to refine designs and lead teams;
  • Possess research ability and text sensitivity, strong structural thinking ability to think globally and strategically. Familiar with various literary and artistic expressions, able to participate in research work on various types of projects in the studio. Responsible for producing outcome documents;
  • Have a strong ability to control and manage time;
  • Possess high work enthusiasm, good professional ethics, and rigorous professional ethics.

Intern in Architecture/Exhibition/Interior Design (Rolling Based)

  • Bachelor's degree or above in architecture/interior/exhibition design and related majors;
  • Good at learning, with a strong sense of responsibility and ability of execution;
  • Proficient in common design software such as CAD, RHINO, AI, ID, PS, etc;
  • Possess strong skills in handcraft making and graphic representation;
  • Interns are generally required to have an internship period of no less than two months, with priority given to those with longer duration. The internship subsidy is 3000 RMB/month.

Application Methods

  • Please send your CV and portfolio in pdf (less than 10MB, no compressed folder or download hyperlink, no mass emailing) to hr@pills.com.cn; We will not consider applications that do not fulfill the requirements;
  • Please identify your name and position you are applying for in the title of email and briefly explain the reason for your application. Your CV must include your personal information, a recent photo of yourself and your contact information. Interns are required to indicate the starting and ending dates of the internship.
  • Please send your application after having basic understandings of PILLS’s practices and interests. We will contact and arrange interviews for the applicants who are suitable for the opening positions as soon as possible;
  • We cannot guarantee to reply to every received email, and we welcome applicants who do not receive a reply to continue applying at a later date.


  • Considerable guarantee of 13 months annual salary, without production value assessment;
  • Provide more hidden promotion space and project opportunities for conscientious, responsible and capable employees;
  • The workflow is simple, with more independent creative space and room for individual growth;
  • The studio library is open to employees. We hope that everyone at work can enjoy the fun of knowledge;
  • Employees enjoy paid annual leave and the Lunar New Year holiday longer than the national statutory regulations;
  • Employees enjoy Insurance and Housing Fund, commercial accident insurance, overtime transportation subsidies;
  • We care about the health of each member and arrange an annual inspection for everyone;
  • Irregular domestic and international year-end travel and group building activities;
  • Irregular studio study and lecture activities, afternoon tea/birthday cake;
  • Pets can be brought to work. There are two cats in this pet-friendly studio with the name of "Director" and "secretary".
  • We celebrate "Director's Day", employees can have a day off, but the next day they need to bring canned cat food to the "Director" (a cat) to express their gratitude.
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