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Longyou Group Installations “Secrets”

Longyou Group Installations “Secrets,” consisting of three sets of devices, further advances the allegorical narrative, combining devices with mobile phones. The work narrates a fable in three chapters in the jungle of Longyou Shipyard Island, which rhymes with “Hero and Leonardo,” attempting to explore the entanglement and fate of the two in the dimensions of time and space. “Secrets” is composed of three sets of devices: “Whispers”,“Lethe” and “Linger” in narrative order. “Whispers” is a black flower floating in the jungle. When you approach, it will slowly turn and move, facing you. The closed flower buds will slowly open, and a message you enter through a mini program to another person will flash as a Morse code in the forest. Afterward, it will guide you to the second device, “Lethe.” “Lethe” is located on an abandoned irrigation canal, like a ship forgotten on the shore when the tide recedes, isolated on the canal. When someone approaches, water will slowly emerge from the bottom, and your phone will prompt you to fill a bucket of water. This is both a memory and a key that will start the next journey. Crossing the canal, you could step on the soft soil covered with pine needles and cones. Come to the final chapter's “Linger” You could pour the water in your hand into the hollow shuttle on the disc, and the device will be triggered. The stars carved on the disk correspond to different city clusters in the world, which is a geographical measure, while the outer circle is a measure of time. A pair of shuttle bodies above and below the water surface mirror each other, representing the relative temporal and spatial positions of you and the person in your heart. When you are far apart, the shuttle will travel to different geographical locations and time zones in the star chart. When you are together, the shuttle bodies above and below will stack together like inseparable reflections. This completes a divination about emotions and a ritual about longing in the jungle. A mobile mini program connects the three sets of devices, “Secret,” and viewers unfold their experiences layer by layer according to the tour route, gradually unraveling the fables hidden in the scene.

Project Information Project Type: Device Project Location: Longyou, Zhejiang Province, China “Hu Shi Guang · Art Ecological Corridor” Size: Whispers 3.46m x 3.46m x 4.15m (h) Forgetting the Rive 5.3m x 0.85m x 0.54m (h) Shape Shadow 5m x 5m x 0.35m (h) Client: Shanghai Fengyuzhu Cultural Technology Co., Ltd Design Period: May 2023- February 2024 Artist: Zigeng Wang Design Team: Canqi Mu, Manying Wang, Yiran Zhao, Shilin Liu, Jingyi Liu Structural Consultant: Zhun Zhang Construction Units: Hangzhou Rixing Furniture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chaoli Exhibition and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shouxing Tuotao (Beijing) Art Exhibition Service Co., Ltd Thanks: Chen Zhang, Haijie Hu, Bangbang Lv, Jun Liu

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