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Tencent Dachan Bay Public Art Project

In October 2023, PILLS won the second prize in the solicitation of design proposals for the “Tencent Dachan Bay Public Art Project" (the first prize vacant). The Tencent Dachan Bay project is located in the urban core area of Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen, and is positioned as an “Internet Plus" future science and technology city. In this context, PILLS was invited to complete a public art project design proposal for Dachan Bay, including exhibition planning, artwork recommendation, cost estimation, and post-operation planning. PILLS proposes to construct a Tencent art-sharing platform through multiple organizational methods, connecting Tencent's internal technical strength with external art resources and empowering Tencent's technology incubation and product innovation. The design intends to upgrade the strategy of art intervention in cities through multiple modes of digital and real integration, bringing a fully connected future to Dachan Bay. Technology becomes tangible through art planning and design based on the concept of “Cosmologic Symbiosis, Connected Together." Public art fields are used as carriers to show Tencent's scientific and technological image and social responsibility as an Internet enterprise to the public, creating a dynamic area with scientific, technological, artistic, and humanistic feelings.

Project Information Project Type: Public Art Planning and Key Site Design Project Location: Tencent Dachan Bay, Shenzhen Organizer: Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Planning and Organization: Shenzhen Urban Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. Planning Consultant: Urban Design and Public Art Promotion Center, Shenzhen Planning Institute Design Period: March 2022 - May 2023 Curator: Zigeng Wang Co-Curators: Tianchong Xue, Heng Liu Intelligent Construction Consultant: Dajie Robotics Planning Team: PILLS \ Canqi Mu, Yingxiao Chen, Xingzhu Jiang, Manying Wang; Dajie Robotics \ Hao Meng, Zhe Liang; NODE Architecture & Urbanism \ Si Liu

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