Curiosity Without Boundaries: Mickey Art Exhibition


Zigeng Wang's exhibited work “Mickeyverse” fictionalizes an archaeological discovery and uses fictional “objects” to infer and confuse the boundary between reality and the creation of the “subject of objects." We selected aerospace shapes and technical features from the 1960s and created an archaeological discovery displayed in a museum by simulating and imagining the use of Mickey's head. Through the fictional “archaeology” and detailed reproduction of the helmet, we construct the imaginary space of Mickey's existence to infer the blurring zone between the long-standing artistic image and reality. We challenge the “virtual structure” of images and stories in the two-dimensional world with the authentic “fiction” in the real world. We hope this work leads to the following thinking: If a helmet with ears were archaeologically discovered, would one wonder if such a creature had existed? Would one start to believe that the animation might not be fictional? If our understanding of history is based on speculation about what is known, what is the purpose of constructing our history? We constructed an imaginative space for the audience where “Mickey truly exists,” inspiring questioning of the only certainty in the real world and encouraging the emergence of different interpretations, each of which will point to a different history and universe, thus sparking a discussion about the construction and deconstruction of replication and objects, virtuality and reality, as well as cultural symbols.

Project Information Project Type: Artwork Size: 36x36x36cm Process: 3D printing (Photosensitive Resin) Client: UCCA Lab Artist: Zigeng Wang Design Team: Manying Wang, Penghui Li, Dongsheng Feng, Shen Li Production Team: Cloud Chaser Studio Thanks To: Bin Lu

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