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China Resources Infinite Residence City Showroom Design and Artwork Curation

China Resources Infinite Residence City Showroom is located in the core area of Dongguan CBD. China Resources Dongguan commissioned PILLS to complete exhibition design and artwork curation. This project is inspired by Chinese classical aesthetics, meaning “Urban Mountains and Forests, Brewing Vitality," to create a display space for Dongguan Residence City that showcases its high-end quality and elegant tone. The design utilizes immersive space, exquisite exhibition equipment, interactive display, and selection of artworks, combined with the lighting and materials of the indoor space, to create a garden viewing experience and showcase the project quality of China Resources Dongguan.

City Collection “Chip City, Plan for the Future." The urban collection display hall features a fully immersive audio-visual sand table with a futuristic sense of technology. The display hall is surrounded by curtains that can be projected to meet different spatial needs. Viewers are surrounded by the staggered walls of the exhibition hall, listening to the narrated development of Dongguan CBD. Multiple narrative perspectives and local storylines overlap here, with one click switching to meet the audio-visual needs of different visitor groups. “Stacking Stones into Mountains, Standing Tall and Mighty." This area's art planning takes inspiration from mountain springs, special woods, unique stones, and rivers. In the elevated area directly opposite the entrance, a large sculpture is used to enhance the temperament of the space, showcasing the grandeur of the city's mountains and forests, echoing the vibrant interface of the city. At the end of the art corridor, artworks with a vertical arrangement are used to create a focal point for the visual corridor, meaning the flowing form of trickling water, adding vitality to the urban mountains and forests.

The Mixc Collection “Taste The Mixc in the Extraordinary World." The Mixc Collection Area comprises a brand exhibition area and an art space with a sand table. The Mixc Brand Exhibition Area is a corridor connecting vertical circulation and artistic space. Via data visualization, it reproduces important milestones in the city's development process, industry, brand, and project in the extended space. Multimedia combined with the corridor side walls creates a sense of stretching in time and space. The sand table in the art space overlooks the city living room on the first floor. It forms a transparent, boundaryless, and flexible space facing the living experience exhibition area on the third floor. It combines large-scale lifting art installations to bring a soft spatial experience, emphasizing the narrative of the brand and sand table below. “Smoke and Cloud Hang on the Sky, Imagining the Peaks." The customized installations on the second floor's empty space apply smoke and clouds as intentions to fit the unique spatial temperament. The expressive suspension device falls from above, capturing dynamics between tangible and intangible as if time has been suspended. “Soaring Into the Sky, Wandering Around the Virtual Space," the second floor gathers the masters and presents the craftsmanship of China Resources in shaping everyday lives.

Yue · Collection “Luxurious Hidden in the City." The Yue· Collection Area showcases the strengths and achievements of the China Resources Yuefu branding in multiple dimensions. The Yuefu exhibition corridor applies data visualization techniques to highlight the Yuefu branding as a leader position in various urban industries in the extended space. The art and craft experience area can accommodate a permanent exhibition displaying exquisite art sculptures or serve as a temporary space for themed exhibitions. The sand table area highlights the luxurious and elegant craftsmanship of China Resources Dongguan Yuefu through artistic presentation. “Eaves Brush Against Tall Pine Trees, Moistening All Things and Cultivating Hearts." The third floor showcases nature's power with the weight, texture, and temperature of wood. The corridor wall, combined with the banquet function, was streamlined to display wooden carvings. Natural wood undergoes processes such as oxidation, combustion, and carving to form monumental reliefs, guiding viewers to associate with urban landscapes while maintaining the materiality of nature, reflecting the mighty cycle of life and nature. Amidst the precious wood that has precipitated its color over time, the peak of the Yuefu City living room overlooks the interplay of reality and virtuality. Lakes and mountains blend, and sometimes strange peaks can be seen, showcasing nobility and elegance.

Project Information Project Type: Exhibition Design and Art Planning Project Location: Dongguan International Business District Design Area: 484.3 Square Meters Client: China Resources Land Dongguan Area Company Design Period: August 2022- April 2023 Host Designers: Zigeng Wang, Xiaohan Wu Design Team: Canqi Mu, Manying Wang, Yuxin Tian, Yingxiao Chen, Mingyuan Chen, Yuezhu Deng

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