Mickey's Ears

“Mickey's Ears” is another art piece about Mickey. In this art piece, we discovered the interesting phenomenon of symbols as popular culture in communication and used it as a starting point for design. As one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world, Mickey's iconic silhouette is a highly identifiable image composed of three circles formed by the head and two ears. To maintain visual consistency, in the two-dimensional screen space, the three-dimensional movement of its head and the ear facing the audience in the forward direction follow different perspective rules and motion principles, forming a contradiction that conforms to both visual recognition and physical rules. We will directly materialize this observation into a work of art. We focus on the contradiction between three-dimensional and two-dimensional images using light-absorbing black materials, presenting them in a two-dimensional silhouette. The ears in the work will recognize the relative position of the audience and always face them head-on. Viewers will experience contradictory sensory experiences similar to their experiences but contradict physics when appreciating works from different perspectives. Project Information Project Type: Artwork Size: 70x36x100cm Process: 3D printing (photosensitive resin) Client: UCCA Lab Artist: Zigeng Wang Design Team: Yingxiao Chen, Manying Wang Production Team: Jiuzhi (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd

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