Jean Prouvé
Jean Prouvé International Roadshow
Standard Chair

Biao-Zhun Chair

As a tribute to Jean Prouvé, the “Jean Prouvé: Crossing Design Boundaries” global touring exhibition invites 11 outstanding designers and artists from China's architectural and art worlds to respond to the “Understanding of Sitting” by using nine of Jean Prouvé's iconic chairs as the medium for secondary creations. In a collaboration between architect Zigeng Wang and fashion designer Daniel Gu, they redesigned the seat by layering and stitching pieces of blue workwear typical in the 1960s to 1980s' China. The Layered fabrics were then solidified using resin. This design approach is a nod to the “standards” prevalent during the Chinese collectivist era, echoing the innovative industrial “standards” exemplified by Jean Prouvé's Standard Chair in the 20th century. The technique of compressing layers of fabric, reminiscent of the “thousand-layer sole,” not only imparts a unique texture distinct from conventional board materials but also pays homage to the daring experimentation with the new technology of “composite laminated boards” in the furniture industry a century ago. After stripping the paint from the chair's steel structure, the two collaborating studios' employees from PILLS and MotivMfg conveyed their thoughts on “what defines the Chinese standard and how it differs from Western standards” through graffiti-style engravings on the chair. These expressions provide diverse perspectives on the disparities and intersections between cultures and eras. Through the Standard Chair, we aim to foster a dialogue that transcends culture and time.

Project Information Project Type: Art Principle Designer: Zigeng Wang, Daniel Gu Design Team: PILLS, MotivMfg Production Team: Baijing Atelier Exhibition Information (Global Tour Nanjing) Name: Imagine Jean Prouvé: A Dialogue between Chinese Designers and Prouvé Event: September 23rd-27th, 2023 Location: Jianliang Building, Gulou Campus, Nanjing University Co-organizers: Nanjing University, vitra, Melodycity Media Support: Archipelago Curator: Andong Lu Participating Artists: Min Chen, Yujie Luo, Yanfei Shui, Lieyan Wu, Zigeng Wang × Guanglun Gu, Feng Yuan, Bin Zhang, Hui Zhu, Shen Zhuang × Yi Yin Exhibition Coordinator: LanD Studio / Yiyi Xu, Jing Luo, Yizhe Shen, Xu He, Zhengru Miao

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