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Ant Group Global Emergency Response Center

The project employs multimedia means to transform the air-raid shelter into a global emergency response center that integrates the functions of exhibition, touring, meeting, and decision-making. Passages are designed to have multiple barriers through technological means, increasing the mysteriousness of entering. Digitally immersive experience combines with physical exhibits to fully demonstrate the technological strength behind information technology. On top of that, environmental control means such as daylight simulation and underground greenery ensure the comfort of employees working underground for long periods.

Project Information Project Type: Concept and Interior Design Project Location: Hangzhou Principal Architect: Zigeng Wang Design Team: Yu Yan, Hui Lyu, Manying Wang, Xinyi Xie, Shiman Xu, Jie Chu, Kang Wang Research Team: Jia Weng, Lei Song Multimedia Team: Black Bow Zhiou Wang, Yujia Cao, Xiaowei Zhang, Xiaoying Huang

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