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Trophy Design
Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival

Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival “Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image” Trophy Design

The trophy design is based on the coordinate system of the visual domain, using the stacking, combination, and cutting of forms to create a spatially dynamic three-dimensional cross structure resembling a constellation, which symbolizes the emergence of a new generation of shining young curators. The truss structure of the tetrahedron interlocks and mirrors each other, forming a sturdy support system, representing the collaborative efforts of multiple parties. Three main stems of increasing height support the cross-shaped constellation, forming a tree-like structure, while the mirrored surfaces capture and reflect light and shadow. The trophy design is simple yet carries rich symbolism, expressing the commitment and expectations of the award in supporting and fostering the growth of young visual curators. In October 2021, Chanel and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre jointly established the Jimei x Arles “Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image”. The project is specially co-organized by the Rencontres d'Arles and Modern Media Group, and it aims to promote interdisciplinary research in photography and attract more talented curators to participate. The award focuses on supporting young video creativity, and aims to encourage more young Chinese curators to participate in the sorting and research of video art. The project demonstrates to varying degrees the uniqueness of the curators (groups) in their research capabilities and ways of thinking, as well as their thinking in bringing past curating and public education experience into proposals. The award focuses on supporting young creative talents in the field of visual arts and aims to encourage more young Chinese curators to engage in research and exploration of the medium. It is dedicated to discovering and cultivating outstanding young curators and researchers in China. The selected projects, which are exhibited as part of the award, showcase the unique research capabilities and thought processes of the curators or curatorial teams. They also reflect how they incorporate their past curatorial and public education experiences into their proposals. In 2021, Chinese artist and curator Feiran Jiang won the inaugural Jimei x Arles “Curatorial Award for Photography and Moving Image” with his project “Unnamed River”. “Unnamed River” intertwines nine case studies of contemporary Chinese image practices within the curator's exploration of the historical concept of image time. The exhibition seeks to construct a framework for research and exhibition by salvaging and interpreting three “iconic scenes” that have been repeatedly reproduced and discussed in the history of photography and film. Through this process, it aims to initiate new dialogues within the realms of image history, the philosophy of time, and contemporary practices, thereby opening up new conversations. In 2022, Curator Shuman Wang won the award with her project “The New Survivors”. The exhibition proposal encompasses diverse styles, including photography, moving images, and visual installations. It not only presents the rich textures and forms of trauma memory, but also activates the imagination of visually representing traumatic memories. Through a well-structured and immersive presentation, it highlights the complexity of trauma as a human experience. The exhibition stimulates contemplation on how to confront trauma and transform it into a shared human experience and heritage.

Project Information Project Type: Trophy and Packaging Design Commission: Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival Principal Designer: PILLS/Zigeng Wang Design Team: PILLS/Manying Wang, Yunheng Fan, Baoying Liu, Bingjie Niu, Zhenhua Liu, Kang Wang Dimensions: 73x75x450mm Materials: Brass (Base Material) Production Team: Jiuzhi (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. Prototype Production: Xi’an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. Packaging Production: Shenzhen Dingxia Hongshan Art Co., Ltd. Acknowledgments: Dan Cao, Bin Lu

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