Wen Jiang
Production Design
Film and Architecture

Hidden Man

“Hidden Man” is the final film of the Republic of China trilogy directed by Wen Jiang. It tells the story of Tianran Li, a vengeful agent who engaged in conspiracies in Beijing before the “July 7th Incident” outbreak in 1937 and during a national crisis. Zigeng Wang, as the director's consultant (construction staff) of architectural history and environment, participated in the two-year film preparation work. He excavated and researched first-hand materials related to ancient architecture, reconstructing and creating scenes based on historical background for the street scenes in Beiping during the Republican era in the movie. At the same time, Zigeng Wang collaborated with special effects, photography, and art teams to build a 40000 square meter “rooftop world” for filming, presenting the audience with a beautiful scene of the protagonist “flying eaves and walking walls.”
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