A Beautiful Country Trilogy
Architectural Illustration
Faitry Tale Architecture Competition


EMPTY conceived a fable about ships. This ship is an OEM factory drifting on the high sea, a global spatial carrier, a satirical economic solution template, and a new form of enterprise. The story's male protagonist is the son of the inventor of this economic model. He reads his deceased father's diary and thus understands the order of the old and new worlds between them. This story describes an ecosystem in the context of globalization that cannot self-supply and relies on massive infrastructure for survival rights trading. In 2015, the Fairy Tales International Architecture Competition hosted by Blank Space attracted over 1200 participants from 65 countries worldwide, and EMPTY won first prize. In 2017, the National Museum of Architecture, the American Association of Architectural Students (AIAS), and Blank Space jointly organized the exhibition “When Architecture Tells a Story," and “EMPTY" was invited to participate.

Project Information Project type: Artwork Designer: Zigeng Wang Design team: Fangda Zhou, Run Wu, Kairan Chen, Xinquan Wang

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